Monthly Archives: October 2006

The Power of the Internet in Voting

I watch VH1 sometimes when I’m on the treadmill, and last night they had this special on the top 20 soundtracks. They let people vote online to make up the list. As soon as I hear the title of the show, I figured I had the top 10 figured out. They would include Top Gun, The Bodyguard, Purple Rain, and defiantly Saturday Night Fever.

I was certain that Saturday Night Fever would be #1. I figured it sold a shit load of copies, and half the damn album was hit singles back then. I put Purple Rain in at #2, and The Bodyguard somewhere in the top 5 because it had the most successful single from any soundtrack. Continue reading

My new camera

I have never really owned a good camera. Mostly because I don’t really know how to use one, and so the price for a good camera would be a little wasted on me. But I got a great deal on a Cannon Rebel, which has a great reputation os a good choice for beginning camera people.

I have to admit that I still don’t know how to use half the features, but that doesn’t seem to stop me from taking much better pictures already. I just uploaded some to my Flickr account below. You should be able to tell where the Cannon stops and my cheap Sony point and shoot begin. Continue reading

If I was to hold a “Scum bag of the year” contest, Mark R. Downs would definitely be a runner up. I have seen some shitty coaches of little league, especially lately, but this guy takes the prize.

The Car I Chose

I have been looking at getting a new car for a while now, and today I took the step of test driving the three cars I narrowed my search to.

I should mention that I was getting frustrated before shopping for a car because of the electronics. Obviously I’m big into gadget, and technology in cars have come a long way. So I really had certain things in mind that I wanted. First was an iPod connector. I don’t mean an open auxiliary plug on the front of the stereo. That doesn’t charge the iPod, and you cannot control the iPod through the stereo like that. I wanted an actual iPod dock connector. The second requirement was a navigation system. I wanted a decent size, easy to use and hands free system. The third requirement was XM or Sirius. Fourth was a Bluetooth synced system for my cell phone for handsfree dialing and talking through the car. I also wanted an in dash CD player, and if possible a rear view camera. Continue reading

It’s always funny to see what artist insist upon when they become famous, but Iggy Pop is the best. Check out his concert rider with demands for a Bob Hope impersonator and Chinese gun powder. He also seems to have an interest in Anne Hathaway, but who doesn’t?