Monthly Archives: November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I usually spend my thanks giving hanging out, watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles on cable and snacking throughout the day. This year I decided to change things up a bit and I bought Planes, Trains and Automobiles on DVD. It wasn’t that I wanted it on DVD. Despite the fact that it’s my favorite holiday movie of all time, I actually enjoy watching it on Cable, complete with all the early holiday commercials. It’s nice way to ease me into the holiday season. But this year I guess it didn’t make the list of shows to play 30 times in a row. They will probably have it on later in the holiday season, but I like watching it on Thanksgiving. On the up side, I got to hear Steve Martin drop the f-bomb a few hundred times. I think anyone who travels a lot for business really gets that movie. I have wanted to tell a ticket counter rep to “wipe that fucking smile of your fucking face” plenty of times in the past few years. Continue reading

My Birthday in Vegas

My birthday was on the 18th, so I decided to hang out in Vegas after WebmasterWorld and invite a couple of friends to town. I stayed at the Monte Carlo, which is actually one of the best deals on the Strip. I think the only other name brand hotel in the area for less money was Bally’s, Luxor and Excalibur. Those places are getting a bit dated and worn, but the Monte Carlo still feels relatively new.

The show pretty much ended on Thursday, so I spent Friday working from my hotel room. Andy came out so we hung out a bit. On Friday night my friends Phil and Chris flew into town and met with us at Caesars. We hung out at Shadow, the bar with the cool shadow of the dancer. Then we had diner at Nero’s. Nero’s was good, but more of the traditional Las Vegas style dinner. I had the prime rib. Continue reading

Site Review:

Monex is a brokerage specializing in precious metal trading. They offer brokerage for gold, silver, platinum or palladium. My personal experience in gold trading is limited to once buying a gold Krugerrand for my cousin’s graduation gift. But it looks like there is a huge market for this type of service online.

They offer a couple different ways to buy precious metal, including paying in cash and having it delivered to you, or you can have them store it for you. For some reason I’m thinking they must have some huge vault, like the ones you would see in a heist film. Continue reading