Monthly Archives: December 2006

Travel tips from a frequent business traveler

I travel a lot. Not as much as some, but much more than most. Last year I had to fly on 15 different occasions. Over the past few years of traveling, I have become much better at it. I know most of the airports I go to pretty well. I know that you need to plan extra time to get to the gate and wait for your luggage in Las Vegas, because of that little subway type system they have. I know San Francisco will lose my luggage about 50% of the time, but has a great dim sum place in their food court. I know if you have to go to LA, you might want to fly into Orange County, it’s much nicer and a lot fast to get through.

Here are some other tips that I think could be helpful. Continue reading

Everyone is Switching to Mac!!!

In a recent interview, Pat Gelsinger, General Manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group announced his switch to Mac in what he described as crossing “the religious boundary”.  Welcome to the holy land Pat!
He went on to say that he also purchased Parallels Desktop to run Windows.  Which by the way is a great idea, especially since Parallels just announced the new version will let you share Windows with a Boot Camp install and allow you to drag and drop to each others desktops.  Continue reading