Monthly Archives: January 2007

Top 10 Films I saw in 2006

Kevin Smith just put out his list today or his top ’06 films. So I thought this would be a good time for me to list mine. Although I suspect that he has a lot more people that care.

One disappointing note is that his top 3 films are all films I really wanted to see but haven’t yet. The Departed, Little Children and Half Nelson. I just don’t get out to the movies that often, and these haven’t made it to video yet. Continue reading

Learning to properly wash a car

I’m always amazed when I do a little research on something and find a whole world I never knew existed.  Recently I purchased a new car, and like most people I want to keep it looking new as long as possible.  So, I asked around for the best car detailer and was referred to a place Hands On Detail.  I figured it was best to get some good wax on the car right away for the best overall protection.  Continue reading

The iPhone is Amazing

Last week I was talking to a friend about the possibility of the iPhone. I love my new Blackberry Pearl. It’s the first “smart phone” that I have been able to access and use all the features. I told my friend that even though I love Apple, they would really have to come up with something amazing to make me switch off the Pearl in the next year, especially since I just purchased it. I imagined the iPhone would be very close to the Pearl, except also have the ability to sync with iTunes. Since I already have the ability to sync with Address Book and iCal, I didn’t need to functionality to change. I figured Apple would create a cool looking phone that did everything the Pearl did, but added iTunes. Continue reading