Monthly Archives: March 2007

Eddie Griffin and His $1.5 Million Viral Marketing Campaign

A lot can be said about the wisdom of handing over keys to your $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo, and it becomes worse when it’s to take it for a few laps around a race track at high speeds. But maybe Eddie Griffin and Daniel Sadek (who allowed his own cars to be used for the filming of the movie) just understand the value of free (well, not quite) press. Continue reading

The Future is Thin

Back in 2001 I worked at a company called 2Roam. It was a poorly run start up trying to leverage the hype of the coming mobile Web. Back then the big talk was the coming of 3G wireless devices. In their opinion, these devices would be rolled out any day and then we would all by turning Japanese with our mobile devices taking the place of our bulky computers.

Well it’s now 2007, and 3G devices are still being slowly rolled out. As a matter of fact, the most anticipated phone right now, Apple’s iPhone, is not 3G. Continue reading

SXSW Interactive 2007

This was my third year at SXSW, so I’m starting to feel like a pro. I decided a while ago to limit the amount of conferences I attended, so for the past couple years I have only attended WebmasterWorld in Las Vegas, and SXSW in Austin. A lot of the other conferences like Search Engine Strategies and Ad:Tech just became too much about selling and not really an exchange of ideas. Especially Ad:Tech; just to get to the main area you have to walk a gauntlet of Spam vendors fresh off the plane from Boca. Continue reading