Monthly Archives: June 2007

iPhone Review: The First 24 Hours

So I have had my iPhone for an entire day now, and I have had at least 4 people ask how I liked it. So I thought I would share my own personal experiences with this here.

First the good. The iPhone appears to be everything it was touted as being. The beautiful interface is intuitive and fast. The Mail client works just like a normal email client (better than most actually). And the browser is pretty good at rendering pages. Continue reading

Krillion Price Check on Samsung Refrigerators

I have been moving into my new place, and part of that is checking out refrigerators. I saw a post on Blogitive about how retailers who sell refrigerators see a real increase in sales during the summer months It seems that in the warmer weather, the fridge has to work a little extra harder to keep the food cold, and that can break down your compressor. And since many people rather get a new fridge than fix the old, this means some sales boosts. Continue reading

A couple great videos

I hate just posting videos to the blog, but there are a couple that came out this week that are just too good not to spread around. The above video is a spoof of the Microsoft Surface table. When I first saw the demo I thought, “what are the practical applications for this thing?”. It looks like that thought wasn’t original. It’s not like you can really type of it, or you would want to stare down at a table to do video conferencing or most gaming. WTF is it good for, other than a cool factor in your house. Continue reading

Site change

I made a couple small tweaks to the site.  I shaded the side bars a bit and added a picture of myself to every page.  Now anyone who comes to the site can see how sexy I am!

An Anticlimatic Week Revisited

Early last week seemed to be full of anti-climatic moments. First with the Soprano’s ending, then the Apple keynote. Although looking back on them both I can appreciate them both a little more now. I won’t bore everyone with my opinion a belated opinion of the Soprano’s finale (except to say that I don’t believe Tony was wacked), but I will bore you with my belated opinion of the keynote. Continue reading