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My First Trip to Hong Kong

As some people know I decided to travel more this year. I have spent a lot of time traveling domestically the past few years, but no real international travel. So this year I made a point of planing a couple trips. The first to Costa Rica, and the second to Hong Kong.

I planned my Hong Kong trip to coincide with my birthday. Last year I spent m birthday in Vegas. But since I’ll be in Vegas 3 times in November and December, I decided it was good time to get out of the country a bit.

My trip started just two days after I returned from Blogworld in Las Vegas, so I really didn’t have much time to re-pack. Shaun decided to come with me, so at least I wouldn’t be alone on the 14 hour flight. I decided to drive to SFO and fly direct from there. It was a long drive, but between the time I have to spend going from Medford to SFO, and the lay over time, I was actually saving 2 hours each leg.

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What is the deal with all the pirated DVD’s in Hong Kong?

After a quick trip to the Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong, I was able to easily find a store selling hundreds of pirated DVD’s. They had everything from the number one movie right now, Bee Movie, to TV shows that just wrapped up the season like Californication, and even movies that are not yet released like Trade. Just about everything you could want, they have.

I was curious if these movies would actually work, so I decided to try them out for myself. I purchased Bee Movie and tossed in my Macbook Pro. It worked just fine. I did notice a small jump about 15 minutes into the film. It seemed to jump about 20 seconds, but that was the only time. My cousin picked up a few television series to try out. He noticed on Stargate SG1 (He’s a geek) that disc 3 didn’t play. But that could be more of an issue with the Macbook Pro than the DVD itself. We will have to do more testing when we get home. Continue reading

Las Vegas Trip to Blogworld

I was a speaker at Blogworld in Las Vegas last week, so I was able to squeeze in a trip to my favorite city.  I’ll actually be taking two more trips to Vegas before the end of the year.  I’m attending Pubcon, and I’ll be there for New Years.

Vegas is still my favorite place on the planet.  I stayed at the New York, New York this time.  I hadn’t stayed there before, so I thought it was worth trying.  Overall the experience was mixed.  On one hand I loved the lounges there.  I’m a child of the 80’s, so a band that does nothing but cover Journey, Bon Jovi and Def Leopard is something I would enjoy very much.  And the band at the New York, New York was really amazing.  There is also the Irish pub with dueling pianos that is great.  It’s the way all Irish pubs should be while not in Ireland.  Continue reading

Going to the World Series and Other Things I would like to do

I have been traveling quite a bit lately, and have also been thinking about things I would like to do sometime in the near future. I was cruising StubHub and noticed some interesting tickets for sale. For example I would love to go to the Playboy Mansion for a party. Although I think that’s every guy’s dream.

I would also love to hit some of the big sporting events. I’m not a huge sports fan to be honest. But I would love to score some World Series Tickets, especially if the Cubs were playing (this is a fantasy, right?) and Super Bowl Tickets (Especially if the Eagles were playing so I could take Andy and Drew). Continue reading

Is GameWar Really GamePal?

A couple days ago I got a comment here that Gamepal now owns I didn’t think much about it until “Margaret” posted a follow up comment directed at me denying the relationship. These comments came within a short time of me getting the Gamepal “cease and desist” email. I know Gamepal reads my blog, and I know they are pretty stupid, so I decided to investigate.

By investigate, I mean check the whois for on Take a look at the image here, and I think you’ll agree that there is some evidence that Gamepal does in fact own If you’re trying to keep this a secret, ol’ Smity may want to opt for the privacy option on domains that even your average webcam girl can figure out. Continue reading

Gamepal threatens to sue me

I seem to be a lighting rod of litigation lately.  The latest stems from our friends at Gamepal who don’t like the fact that I have shared my experiences with their service. As some of you might recall, I used their service for a World of Warcraft account to level up a character for me.  While they had control of the account, it was banned.  It could have been because they used bots, or maybe some sort of foreign IP detection, or whatever.  But the end result was that I was banned.

After complaining to Gamepal about my account, I was told that they were not responsible.  They wouldn’t even issue a refund.  So I wrote a post about my experiences.  That post has become one of my more popular posts, in large part because I now rank #2 for the term, “Gamepal”.  Not too far below me is a Rip off Report about Gamepal.   Continue reading