Monthly Archives: January 2008

Is Obama a Muslim? No

I’m a little more disgusted with the world today.  I have been hearing about the emails floating around accusing Obama of being a Muslim, refusing to take the oath on a bible, refusing to salute the flag, etc…  Who believes these things?  I can only assume it’s the same people sending money to Nigerian Generals.   Continue reading

I’m an Obamacan

I thought it funny to see some of the Democrat candidates jump over Obama last week for stating that he felt Ronald Reagan was a president who brought about change.  Keep in mind that these are the same candidates that when asked what their biggest weakness is, Edwards answered it was his passion for the middle class, and Clinton said it was her impatience for change.  Obama, who answered first, said it was his lack of organization.  Poor Barack.  No one told him you’re supposed to answer like it’s a bad college admissions question. Continue reading

Healthy Food in Restaurants

My friend asked me to look over his business plan this weekend for a health food restaurant.  I like the idea, but I can’t help but wonder why more restaurants are not pushing healthy food.  It’s great that McDonalds is offering salads, but they look like crap, and the dressing is loaded with fat.  It seems like restaurants really don’t care about people who want to eat healthy. Continue reading

Some thoughts on the New Hampshire Democratic Debate

I was a little surprised with the debate last night.  I had expected different approaches from a couple of the candidates.  First off, I expected Clinton to take a more positive tone, instead she continued to by the voice of negativity.  I expected Edwards to be a little more aggressive against Obama, but to his credit he was very much in league with Obama, and even defended him against Clinton.  Continue reading