Monthly Archives: March 2008

I'm an Online Marketing Hero

Online Marketing Heroes book featuring Ed Shull

I learned a few weeks back that I was featured in the new book, Online Marketing Heroes.  I actually didn’t see a copy of the book until I was speaking at SXSW.  I have been trying to control my ego a bit after reading Eckhart Tolle, but I have to confess to liking the sight of my name on a book.  And I’ll try not to read too much into the fact that my name is in the biggest font other than the title and author.
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The Truth About Hillary Clinton – Bosnia, NAFTA, SCHIP and Northern Ireland

Clinton under fire in Bosnia
This week we have seen Hillary Clinton admit to “misspeaking” about the danger she and her daughter faced during their 1996 visit to Bosnia.  From the looks of the political blogs and forums I visit it appears that people are considering this more of a lie than “misspeaking”. For those who haven’t heard, Senator Clinton claimed to go to Bosnia when it was so unsafe even the President couldn’t go.  But in fact the President had already been there weeks earlier.  Continue reading