Monthly Archives: April 2008

Does WordPress 2.5 Fix Google Cache Hack?

Image of hacked page in Google cache

I have spent the past few months working on a very search centric CMS that I could offer clients, and use myself.  So the idea of upgrading my WordPress is something I didn’t want to deal with.  I admit that WordPress 2.5 looked to be a great step up, especially since I was 3 versions behind with my personal blog.  But I have  a custom theme and some custom plugins that I didn’t want to break, and WordPress is not exactly well coded when it comes to upgrades.  But as fate would have it, the upgrade became more a necessity than a luxury. Continue reading

Nicki Clyne is My Friday Night Date

It’s Friday night and I’m not out at a club, or a movie, or even the Olive Garden.  No, I’m at home watching the biggest geek show on the planet, Battlestar Galactica.  This is even worse than my fight against WoW addiction.  Well…maybe not that bad, but it’s not good either.  I have to admit that I love this show.

Continue reading