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Is George Bush the Worst President in History?

A few years ago people started declaring the worst president in United States history.  These views were shot down by people educated in political history of the U.S.  But that was a few years, and a awful lot of polls, ago.  George Bush is now at a 70% disapproval rating.  To put that into perspective, Nixon, while leaving the White House to avoid criminal prosecution, was around 66% disapproval rating.  

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How to make sure your grandchildren get their inheritance

Mina Sirkin posted something interesting today about the legal issues of leaving a gift of money or inheritance to minors. Sirkin says it can raise a multitude of legal issues for the child. 

“If you are a mom, grandma, or know a mom or grandma who is leaving money or inheritance to a minor, there are many things to study when leaving such a gift to children or grandchildren,” Sirkin says. Continue reading

Once again, government fails us

I can remember getting in fights in school and both myself and opponent getting in trouble.  We would point the fingers at each other, but in the end, we were both in trouble.  I’m sure that image is not solely in my mind this evening as the Dow closes with the single biggest drop in history, and our two political parties sit pointing the fingers at each other.

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Political Ignorance Has a New Name

The press has been using a term to describe McCain supporters.  It’s not conservatives, it’s not right wing, and it’s not even Republican.  The fact is that none of those groups are all that excited about John McCain.  The term is low-information voters.

What is a low information voter?  Well, it’s someone who choses their presidents like they chose their beer or movies.  The rely mostly on television campaigns or semi-witty t-shirts, preferably ones that rhyme.  

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Apple Put Me to Sleep

In all fairness, I had read the day before from analysts that Apple’s “Let’s Rock” even was going to be “underwhelming”, but wow was it boring.

So, to go down the list, we have a new iPod Nano.  I’m not really digging the new design.  I think anyone sticking with a Nano is doing so for the small size.  Why make it longer for the sake of being able to tilt it?  Who wants to tilt a Nano?  The color additions are nice, but I doubt anyone will no rush out and buy one since it now comes in Orange. Continue reading

SplashID for iPhone – Review

This may be a little redundant with 1Password, but I like SpalshID for keeping my non-password data.  I used SpalshID when I used to use Treos, and it was useful, but i never really fully loaded them up with my data.  Those days are gone with the iPhone.  SplashID now contains all sorts of data that I’m always kicking myself for not having.  When I call my insurance company and they ask for my policy number, I have it.  When they ask for my VIN, I have it.  When my girlfriend wants me to deposit a check into her account, I have it on my phone.  When I need the PIN for one of my 8 credit cards, I have it.  When I go to Barnes and Noble and they ask me for my club card number, I got that.  You get the picture.  

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