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The Picture of Sasha Grey

In The Picture of Dorian Grey, Oscar Wilde wrote that those “who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming,” while those “who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are cultivated.  For these there is hope.”

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Screening Job Applicants with Biodata

One of the most difficult processes is for any company or organization to hire the appropriate people.  In today’s job market, with so many new technological requirements in the workplace, hiring has become more complicated than ever.  It costs companies a great deal of money to hire someone, train and integrate them into the company or organization.  

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Using human fat to fuel cars

Dr. Craig Alan Bittner, a U.S. plastic surgeon, claims he was trying to do the right thing and help save the Earth when he used human fat to fuel his vehicle. The plastic surgeon recently lost his license and is being sued by his former patients. His website,, no longer exits and once claimed that he had created “lipodiesel” or “lipofeul” and that he had successfully fueled his Ford SUV and his girlfriend’s Lincoln Navigator with the human waste.

The former patients have claimed that Dr. Bittner took more fat from them than necessary, which I didn’t even know was possible in Los Angeles, let alone Rodeo Drive where the practice was located. They claim that this left them disfigured and deformed. The lawsuit isn’t that surprising with the declining state of the economy.

Dr. Bittner says his patients were informed of what he was doing with their liposuction fat and said most of them were happy to be involved. Some of his patients even requested it.

There are specific laws against powering any vehicle with human medical waste and it is currently illegal in the U.S. An odd law that was probably created to keep the deprived, broke and homicidal maniacs from killing the rest of us to get to and from work. I’m sure that law maker is feeling pretty haughty right now.

If the quack actually did create this alternative fuel like he claimed than I think that is pretty ingenious. We have plenty of fat to spare and an on-going oil crisis. I can already see the headlines “Donate your unused fat today! We create fat fuel.” However, the claims may have been clever advertising scams. We will soon find out.

Complaints about Trinet HR Services

I’m not a paperwork guy.  As the CEO of a small business, with a few contractors (that really felt more like employees after a while), I decided that if I was going to take the step to have employees, I would need to do it right.  I wanted to make sure I offered a competitive compensation package that included 401k, health insurance, life insurance, etc…  

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