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Altesino Montosoli Brunello di Montalcino 2003

This 2003 Sangiovese vintage is best served with a few years in the wine cellar.  If you cannot wait to open the 2003 Brunello di Montalcino, the flavors and aromas will pay off enough to satiate your sophisticated tastes.  From the blackberry aroma to the rich flavor, Altesino Montsoli’s 2003 vintage takes the taster on a virtual trip through Tuscany.

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Pictures of Brianna Broitzman

Alisha Nicole Mankin Arrested After Uhaul Car Chase

Alisha Nicole Mankin is behind bars after evading police in a stolen U-Haul truck. Mankin was driving at speeds of up to 90 mph and led law enforcement officers on for two hours through two different counties on Wednesday.

The chase was televised and started on the Antelope Valley Freeway where it snaked through downtown Los Angeles twice and took in a scenic drive through Malibu’s vistas. The chase eventually ended on a rural road in Ventura County. During the pursuit, Mankin ran red lights, weaved through heavy traffic and crossed over medians.

When the truck eventually stopped, Mankin jumped out and attempted to flee on foot. She continued running until a California Highway Patrol officer tackled her on the side of the road. She was handcuffed and escorted to jail.

Alisha Mankin will likely be charged with evading law enforcement, stealing a vehicle and reckless driving among other traffic violations.

Did Alisha really think she was going to get away driving a U-Haul? After watching the video I think she maneuvered the tiny U-haul very well for the speed she was going.

[flashvideo filename=”wp-content/uploads/2009/01/uhaul-high-speed-chase.flv” /]