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Boston area Craigslist prowler commits murder

I knew this day was going to come, the day that the internet becomes the avenue for a psychopathic maniac and he gets labeled ‘the Craigslist killer’. I’m surprised other serial killers didn’t think of it first. There are hundreds of ladies and gentlemen posting erotic ads on Craigslist everyday and they are actually willing to let you into their hotel rooms, car or even home. It makes perfect sense and takes the finding, stalking and planning a rape or murder a lot easier in my opinion.

Investigators in Boston have been searing for the so-called Craigslist killer and have sifted through nearly 200 tips. The man has allegedly assaulted two women and murdered one victim. 26-year old Julissa Brisman (photo on the left) was an aspiring model and actress who was brutally shot and killed inside her hotel room at a hotel in Boston last week. I, for one, would not want to go down in history as the prostitute that advertised on Craigslist and was murdered because of it. The M.O. was the same in all three attacks. The suspect would respond to ads posted on Craigslist then meet women in their hotel rooms where he would pull out a gun and continue to assault the young women.

Police recently released a photo of the suspected murder from hotel security cameras, offering us a clear shot of the Craigslist prowler (photo on the left). I doubt if he’ll be on the run long enough to earn serial killer status but we will have to wait and see where the investigation goes.

It appears that women are constantly putting themselves in harm’s way and this hasn’t slowed down the steady stream of new erotic ads on the Boston Craigslist. In fact, there were over 600 new postings just this past weekend.

Craigslist offers up a hefty amount of morally questionable content. Just recently 9-year old, Rubina Ali Qureshi was posted for sale by her father. Check out best of Craigslist to see the listings that users have voted for.

Is ooma reliable?

On April 13th ooma experienced a service outage that affected all ooma customers. The outage came without notice and had many customers wondering what the problem was. According to this blog post on the ooma blog, these problems were not isolated to just ooma. The outage occurred between 11AM and 5PM pacific time. Instead of being without service for just a few minutes or even hours, some ooma customers were left without telephone service for over 5 hours.

Ooma is still a developing company and this outage isn’t settling very well with ooma customers. I, for one, was extremely disappointed that the outage occurred for so long. On top of that, ooma did not notify its subscribers via email, or even a posting to their website. Many customers became frustrated when they tried to call ooma support and received nothing but a busy signal. In order to properly handle the outage, ooma should have sent an email about the lack of service as soon as they had discovered it. Instead, ooma subscribers weren’t notified until late the next day when an apology and partial explanation went out.

The ooma outage information email as well as their blog post indicate where information about service status can be found.

“For future reference, all information and updates about outages are posted in the ooma service status section of our community forum. This is the best source of real-time information.”

I wasn’t aware of the forum before the event but I plan on paying close attention to it from now on.

Of course ooma is still a developing company and is in the technology field. We all know technology breaks and isn’t always that reliable. Hopefully ooma will learn from this and implement the most cost effective and time sensitive solutions as soon as possible to prevent a future incident such as this one.