Jessica Biel Goes Topless

Jessica Biel goes topless for her new movie, Powder Blue, in which she plays a stripper. I watched the actual movie footage and was quite taken aback. Of course Jessica has an amazing physique but the real shocker was how well she played the stripper role. Just watch the first minute of the video footage and you will see that Jessica really looks like she knows what she is doing. She does go topless in the movie and if that isn’t enough to get you there then watch the video below.

Jessica was quoted saying, “I’ve gained such a greater respect for the women that actually do this for a living. It’s so difficult.”

It looks like Jessica put in a lot of effort into her role. I’m sure her beau, Justin Timberlake, is probably enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Unfortunately the movie will not be hitting the big screen and instead will be released on DVD later this month. That’s too bad because this sexy performance would have been astonishing on the big screen. We can say that Jessica has come a long way since her 7th Heaven days.

*This video is graphic.

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