Investing in Wind Energy and the Future

With the cost of energy increasing every year, and the amount of money being thrown behind alternative energy research, it’s time to consider investing in wind energy, and other alternative energy sources.

Part of the excitement behind wind energy investing is that the United States is not the only country interested in harnessing wind energy.  The UK is very hot on the idea, and other countries in Europe, as well as Asia, as quickly moving towards the strategy.  Even if the country doesn’t appear to be all that concerned about the environment (I’m looking at you China), the ever increasing cost of oil is driving the idea home.

Some analyst are predicting that 20% of U.S. energy could start coming from wind energy within the next 20 years.  And with the amount of spending in this area, this seems more like a conservative number.  When combined with other alternative energy solutions, such as solar, ocean turbines and biofuel, it’s easy to see where oil is about to come a thing of the past.

If you’re looking for an interesting place to stash some cash for a long-term investment, wind energy investing seems about as good a place as you’re likely to find in the economy.

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