Best Landscapers in Henderson Nevada

I sometimes don’t have the best luck with contractors.  They usually start off well, but then fizzle out. But I got very lucky with my landscapers.

After 9 months of looking at a desert for a front yard, I decided to start looking for the best landscaper I could find.  I called someone from the Yellow Pages, and they blew me off.  I called back and they finally showed up and gave me an estimate that was about 5% of what I paid for my house.

I called someone from Craigslist, but they didn’t show up.  So I tried another guy from Craigslist, he was to arrive at 2pm.  At 2pm I got a knock on the door from a couple of guys asking me about doing my lawn.  Of curse I thought that these were the guys I called from Craigslist, but it was just a strange coincidence.  These guys were just driving by my house, saw what a sad state it was in, and decided to stop by and ask if I would like to hire them to fix it.  I showed them around, and they gave me a price to do the front and back yard.  Their price was less than 5% of the previous quoted price.  I told them to go ahead and start, and they did a fantastic job.

The other guy I actually did call from Craigslist showed about 4 hours later.  Amazing the difference in work ethic in people.

Over the past couple months the guys have done a great job.  My lawn is looking pretty good, and it’s just about filled in.  My neighbor even hired them after seeing what a great job they were doing.  If you would like to talk to these guys, let me know and I’ll give you their number.  I live in Green Valley, and they seem to live around here.  I think they really are the best landscapers in Henderson Nevada.

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