Executive Medicine in New York

Many have been wondering how exactly the health care reform will affect doctors and current med students planning to go into general practice. Doctors that are in currently in general practice have shown mixed emotions to the current health care system as well as the reform. Doctors often complain of too many patients and too many hours. The quality of care that patients are receiving is not up to par. Will the new health care system change doctor’s opinions and what will the effect be on current med students?

Some doctors concerned that the health care reform will create even more strain in general practice have been going into boutique medicine. Doctors who enter general practice are not usually trained to run their own business but the current health care system motivates them to do just that. In recent years general practice in New York has evolved. Many patients as well as doctors are seeking more personalized, first rate care. Concierge medicine in New York has become quite popular and is no longer just for the wealthy and upper class. Many companies and doctors that are offering this style of boutique medicine now have more affordable annual fees.

President Obama has said our current health care system “rewards the quantity of care rather than the quality of care.” The President, in an address to the American Medical Assocation , said, “you did not enter this profession to be bean-counters and paper-pushers. You entered this profession to be healers, and that’s what our health care system should let you be.” President Obama makes some very good points about the current health care system.

The concern that medical providers have is that the reform will create an even greater pinch: paying doctors less while giving them an increasing number of patients.

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