Porsche Watch from Eterna

Keeping in line with Porsche producing stuff beyond cars, like the LaCie Porsche Hard Drive, here is the new Porsche designed watch from Eterna.  The new Porsche combines 18-carat-gold, titanium and rubber to make something truly unique.  How unique you ask?  Try only 50 made for the entire world.

I have to admit that I like the watch.  Beyond the gold and titanium, the rubber on the watch is designed to look like tires, which sounds a little kitschy, but they seem to pull it off.  It also has a light that turns from green to red when the power goes down.  The watch itself is powered by natural movement of your hand, but they have included the option of winding, incase you have a lazy hand I guess.

And while the Porsche Hard Drive, starting at $105, is a great deal for a Porsche, this model is going to set you back $270,000.  But if you have the means, and need something to compliment your wrist, run down to the mall and pick one up.  Of course you can only do that if you live in Dubai, as it is exclusively sold at the Dubai Mall, probably next to The Gap.

What do you think, Is a Porsche watch $270,000?


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