Luxury Band-Aids

It never fails.  I cut myself while stuffing chain letter envelopes, and all I have is crappy old ugly band aids.  Considering that I have a concierge medicine plan, I should be able to treat my cut with a little style.  Well finally someone took some initiative and will be selling me the designer bandages I need.

Christina Zehnder and Daniel Vetterli had the brilliant idea that no one likes wearing plain, ugly band-aids, they want to support a luxury brand while treating their cuts.  So they invented the Luxury Band Aid.  To be clear, these band-aids don’t have anything mechanically special about them, they are just plain band-aids with designer logos like Luis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Chanel printed on the bandage.  Just think about how much Usher would have loved these things.

Of course I love this idea, but I would like to see some Italian designers get on this.  How about a set with Armani, Versace and D&G?  Now that would be worth cutting yourself up over.  No word yet on where to get these, or how much they will cost.  But as soon as I know, I’ll share.  What brand do you want to stop you from bleeding?


2 thoughts on “Luxury Band-Aids

  1. Regina

    wtf?! r u thick or somethin. i suppose if u died u wud want a gucci coffin as well. u cut urself, stop actin like a wuss n use a normal band aid.


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