The Jurassic Park Ultimate Collection on Blu-Ray

I have long been awaiting the release of my all-time favorite movie on Blu Ray and now that wait is over. No, I’m not talking about the extended edition of Lord of the Rings finally being on Blu-Ray, I’m referring to Jurassic Park.

I am a die hard JP fan. I have read the books. I own the three disc Jurassic Park Adventure Pack. I have seen the movie enough times to quote the entire thing. I even shelled out $10 to go see it on the big screen last summer. You could call me a Jurassic Park fanatic or a nerd, they both are fitting.

My geeky side is rejoicing over this. The JP blu-ray collection is called Jurassic Park Ultimate. Completely remastered with 7.1 surround sound it will be arriving in late October, just in time for Christmas. This DVD set will also include six all new documentaries and digital copies of all three films. The collectors gift set edition comes with a T-Rex dinosaur statue and certificate of authenticity.

The original Jurassic Park will always be my favorite followed by the second installment and then the third. I know most fans think the second was the weakest in the series but I would have to disagree. The third Juarssic Park movie will always be my least favorite primarily because of Téa Leoni (Amanda Kirby) screaming the entire movie along with what I would call a lack of plot. Every time I watch Jurassic Park III I feel as though I’ve missed the middle portion of the movie, it’s all run scream, run scream with no storyline.

The Jurassic Park Ultimate Triology on Blu-ray is already in the top 10 bestsellers list on The pre-order price on Amazon for Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy on blu-ray is just $49.99. The pre-order price for the gift set with t-rex statue is $83.99. And if you are old school and still use that crummy DVD player you can get the JP Ultimate collection for $34.99.

Now that my dreams have been fulfilled it’s time to write Steven Spielberg and let him know we need a Jurassic Park IV!

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