Outdoor dining table and grill

Outdoor Grill and Dining Table

When innovation meets functionality you get this, a hybrid picnic bench and grill.  How would you like to grill your food right while sitting down enjoying a beer with your family? This garden dining tables brings the family to the grill and the grill to the family.

This outdoor dining table, created by Snow Peak, is a brilliant example of functionality. The table, called ITAUBA, is a traditional Japanese sitting table which means the seats are lower to the ground. Snow Peak combined the table with cooking by creating a two function center; one for cooking and one for serving. Snow Peak says, “The Garden Dining Table takes traditional Japanese style cooking and places it into the modern patio.”

ITAUBA is completely customizable to your cooking needs and style. Of course the normal grill and cooking attachments are included, allowing you to cook your favorite foods outdoors right in front of your family.

The center of the table is used to prepare meals and is detachable. The table itself is made up of Itauba hardwood that is said to last longer than stainless steel and is rust free. The table is not only functional but quite lovely. It is sleek and elegant and would be an excellent addition to any outdoor living space.

Imagine a candlelit dinner with your significant other where the meal is prepared right in front of you. Take it right off the grill and enjoy as you want. Or a dinner party where everyone’s steak can be cooked to preferred doneness without ever having to get up. The garden table even doubles as a great teaching tool for children where you can cook with them in a comfortable environment.

The only thing that would make this table the perfect addition to my backyard is a built in refrigerator. Own it for $1,995 and find it at Snow Peak.

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