luxury pet hotels

Luxury Pet Hotels

Our pets are like our family babies. We pamper them, take care of them and feed them. Our pets deserve the best. So what can you do to show your pet you love them? Take them to the ultimate pet destination, a luxury pet hotel.

There have been a lot of pet hotels opening recently all in different locations with variety of different activities your pet. Now fido can be pampered in the lap of luxury.

Hanrob hotel in Sydney, Australia is located right next to the airport. Check your pet in and make your way to the airport, it’s as simple as that. Luxury accommodation for you pet offers fluffy beds, television and even piped music designed to replicate the feeling of home. Each pet luxury suite has a full window and outdoor play area. If you also have a feline friend at home you can have your cat stay with your dog in this luxury pet hotel.

If you’re in Fort Worth Texas be sure to visit the $4.4 million dollar pet resort called Spa Paws Hotel. Your dogs suite will have a custom bed with chenille and satin blankets, an 18” flat screen TV and turn down service every night. Spa Paws also offers dog and cat facials as well as Swarovski crystal collars for your furry friend. Spa Paws has even taken it one step further with an event hall where your pet can host parties and even weddings.

The Harrods Pet Spa in London offers a wide variety of spa services for you pet. Your pooch can relax with a mud bath, massage or grooming. Of course, once your pet has a nice shiny coat don’t forget about the bling. Visit the pet boutique and treat your pet to a crystal studded collar or a designer pet carrier.

The Barkley luxury hotel just opened in Los Angeles offers a clean, secure and fun-filled environment for your pet. Along with boarding they also offer grooming and obedience training. Their Rodeo Drive suites start at just $72.50 a night. Each suite has a “snoutcam” which broadcasts 24 hours a day giving you complete access to your pet so you’ll always know what they’re doing.

So next time you’re going on vacation you can take your pet with your or leave them at one of these luxury hotels they are sure to enjoy.

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