Cell Phones Save Trees

As I grew up I always heard adults talk about “going green,” “global warming,” and “saving the polar bears!” Though, I never actually saw a large effort to improve. “Going Green,” doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult, it’s quite simple in fact.

Technology can be a great new tunnel to improve our earth. Recently, Smartphone’s have made our “save paper,” dreams a reality.

Mass production of paper obviously doesn’t help the environment. Smartphone’s create an amazing way to conserve paper and “save the earth.” All you need to do is download any applications that allow you to present tickets, coupons, boarding passes, maps, instructions, concert passes.

Considering the world produces over three hundred billion tons of paper a year, the effects of buying a smart phone would help preserve our world greatly.

Since people today are always striving to take the technical route, why not take the “green approach,” at the same time? Smartphone’s are amazing for providing a “greener world.” They also help businesses decrease the need to commute back and forth to a home office; in turn creating another great aspect of Smartphones.

Businesses can also save paper by tracking labor productivity, shrink rates, and sale averages off of their smartphones,

Overall Smartphone’s are extremely environmentally friendly; they help save gas, save the earth, and help promote rebuilding the economy. I mean who doesn’t want to help the economy? It seems as though all aspects of a Smartphone draw customers in. It sure attracts my attention.

I used to constantly get directions from MapQuest and print them out. With my Smartphone I don’t even have to think about touching a computer for GPS, it’s all inclusive.

Excitedly, I downloaded every possible app I could to save our Earth. Most of which consist of the ability to download airline boarding passes, coupons, and concert tickets. I’ve taken advantage of,, ArXiv Reader, and Living Social.

It’s truly unbelievable that a simple portable device has the capability of changing the world.


3 thoughts on “Cell Phones Save Trees

  1. You knowwww:D

    Another good article!!! Dang…I really like your style and how its mixed in with every topic:) Cheers!


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