J. Lo's Suzuki Hayabusa

J. Lo's Suzuki Hayabusa

When I was younger, and believed myself to be invincible, I rode a motorcycle.  And I really miss it.  There was something great about the speed and control I had, especially through L.A. traffic.  And of course it was one of the best elements for meeting women ever devised.  I’m speaking of sport bikes, not those obnoxious hogs.  If you’re thinking about picking up a two-wheeled chick magnet, check out the Suzuki Hayabusa.

There are actually two of these Suzuki Hayabusa’s up for grabs, one in blue and one in red.  There bikes were especially designed for J. Lo and Beyonce for a Pepsi ad.  I don’t remember personally remember it.  The Hayabusa for sale was the one created for J. Lo.  Even though it’s a 2004, making it a bit old, it has been sitting in a temperature controlled room for the past few years and has less than 100 miles on it.

They’re looking for $32,588, which doesn’t seem that bad.  Ass a plus you get a bunch of stuff from the original campaign.  Maybe you could seek out the guy with the blue Beyonce Suzuki Hayabusa and do your own photo shoot.  That would be cool.  Ok, not really, but the bike does look amazing and would be an excellent addition to any collector’s show room.  Happy riding.

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