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Apple Product Docking Station

JVC isn’t really a high-end brand like Samsung or Sony but they sure do make some innovative things. Take this Apple product docking station for example. It is a complete dock for all of your favorite Apple products including the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Continue reading

Jimmy Choo iPad Case

Jimmy Choo released an iPad case that is just as sexy their shoes. The outside is calf-hair and leather and comes in leopard print. The inside is line with luxurious suede.

The case is priced at $795 which is a tad steap for an iPad case but it is quite an attractive case. It is made with luxury materials and looks like a little pocketbook. Continue reading

ipod touch remote control

The iPod Touch as the Ultimate Remote

As an Apple lover, it’s hard for me to come up with an Apple product I don’t have.  I’m typing this on my 27” iMac with both the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, right next to me is my iPhone 4, and my iPad 2.  In my desk drawer I have an iPod Nano for working out, and I have a 160 gig iPod Classic filled with all my music.  I’m listening to music being streamed from Sonos into my iPod HiFi.  My Apple TV allows me to listen to watch movies and listen to music on my home theatre, and of course everything is being streamed through the house using my Apple Airport Extreme, and I have an Airport Express sitting my briefcase, right next to my Macbook Air.  There are only two products missing the Mac Pro and the iPod Touch.  But that’s about the change. Continue reading

Witricity iPhone

WiTricity iPhone 5

I love my iPhone more than I love just about anything else.  My son, my iPhone, and my iPad represent the trinity of my affection.  And everyday they each get a little smarter.  Every year my good friend Steve Jobs releases an update for my iPhone, and in exchange I give him enough cash to buy a used Oldsmobile Achieva.  And if this rumor is true, I’m more excited than ever to hand over the cash.  I’m talking about a WiTricity powered iPhone 5, or is it iPhone 6? Continue reading

The Future is AirPlay

A while back, when asked about bringing the Web to the television, Steve Jobs shared his thoughts that people don’t want a box that connects to the television.  This was after Apple had declared, much to the disdain of us Apple TV owners, that Apple TV was “just a hobby”.  But this is all starting to make sense. Continue reading