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Does WordPress 2.5 Fix Google Cache Hack?

Image of hacked page in Google cache

I have spent the past few months working on a very search centric CMS that I could offer clients, and use myself.  So the idea of upgrading my WordPress is something I didn’t want to deal with.  I admit that WordPress 2.5 looked to be a great step up, especially since I was 3 versions behind with my personal blog.  But I have  a custom theme and some custom plugins that I didn’t want to break, and WordPress is not exactly well coded when it comes to upgrades.  But as fate would have it, the upgrade became more a necessity than a luxury. Continue reading

Why I stopped networking and started making friends

Friendship rock

I have been going through some sort of  early (hopefully) mid-life crisis.  I have felt restless with my work, started becoming way more politically active, started concerning myself with the world and had bouts of unintentional self reflection.  I have been questioning many things about the way I live my life; how I became the person I am, and how much I like the person I have become.  It’s been a real mess inside my head the past few months. Continue reading

A Nice Quiet Christmas

We had a nice, low key Christmas this year.  It’s the first Christmas in the new house.  We did a small amount of decorating, nothing very elaborate.  Michael got a good amount of presents.  Last year he got the PS3 and Wii, so this year I was at a loss for what to get him.

We ended up getting him Guitar Hero 3, which he doesn’t really want.  We also got him Assassins Creed for the PS3, the Wii gun with Link’s Crossbow game, some Yu-Gi-Oh and Chaotic cards, some comic books, and of course the usual boring clothing gifts.  I also got him all the Smallville seasons on DVD, so I have condemned myself to weeks of nightly Smallville marathons.  Continue reading

Small Things I Do For The Environment

As part of Blog Action Day I decided to list the things I have been doing lately to be more environmentally friendly. Hopefully this will inspire others to make some changes in their lives.

After moving to Oregon I decided to try live healthier. Part of that was weight loss, and another part was reducing my footprint on the planet. Here are some changes I have made and why they’re important. Continue reading