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Obama's Faulty Plan for Jobs

Whenever elections draw near, I find myself contemplating the legitimacy of all of the candidates; Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. As sad as it may be, it feels as though no politicians can be fully trusted anymore.

The people who we solely rely on to protect our freedoms can barely be honest with us? Shameful, in my opinion. Continue reading

Is GameWar Really GamePal?

A couple days ago I got a comment here that Gamepal now owns I didn’t think much about it until “Margaret” posted a follow up comment directed at me denying the relationship. These comments came within a short time of me getting the Gamepal “cease and desist” email. I know Gamepal reads my blog, and I know they are pretty stupid, so I decided to investigate.

By investigate, I mean check the whois for on Take a look at the image here, and I think you’ll agree that there is some evidence that Gamepal does in fact own If you’re trying to keep this a secret, ol’ Smity may want to opt for the privacy option on domains that even your average webcam girl can figure out. Continue reading

Gamepal threatens to sue me

I seem to be a lighting rod of litigation lately.  The latest stems from our friends at Gamepal who don’t like the fact that I have shared my experiences with their service. As some of you might recall, I used their service for a World of Warcraft account to level up a character for me.  While they had control of the account, it was banned.  It could have been because they used bots, or maybe some sort of foreign IP detection, or whatever.  But the end result was that I was banned.

After complaining to Gamepal about my account, I was told that they were not responsible.  They wouldn’t even issue a refund.  So I wrote a post about my experiences.  That post has become one of my more popular posts, in large part because I now rank #2 for the term, “Gamepal”.  Not too far below me is a Rip off Report about Gamepal.   Continue reading

Banned from Chaotic Game

My son, who has spent the last few months getting excited about the Chaotic game, was banned from the game last week for trying to enter his cards.  I had ordered a big box of cards from eBay, including both starter decks and a case of 24 cards.  Part of the “fun” of the game is the player then has to manually enter each unique number on every card.

I guess they have installed something that is supposed to stop people from hacking the system and putting BS numbers in.  But since Michael is not an experience data entry person at 13 years old, he may have made a few mistakes while entering the hundreds of cards.  So the game has banned him. Continue reading

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Review

I guess you can tell it’s not going to be a good review when the first thing you see is a picture of the product broken. Let’s first start with how well the product performed when it worked.

First off, Jawbone appears to take the anti-apple approach of bare minimum packaging. Ironic because I purchased it to go with my new iPhone. The model I picked up at the AT&T store was in a huge plastic case that was about 5 times the size it needed to be. The headset itself sits on top in a cradle, looking like something Indiana Jones would reach for in a cavern. Continue reading

Brickwork India – Just more of the same

Working with offshore companies has always had an appeal to me. The US dollar, even at the low point, can buy so much more in India, it seems like a no-brainer to work with these companies. But those of you who have know that there is a real challenge to this.

First you have the language barrier. Don’t be fooled by the fact they say they speak English. Call up a Dell customer service line and see the level of English we’re talking about. It’s not their fault. I mean they have a lot more knowledge of our langauge then we do theirs, but it’s just not fluent enough English to communicate properly. Continue reading