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Obama's Faulty Plan for Jobs

Whenever elections draw near, I find myself contemplating the legitimacy of all of the candidates; Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. As sad as it may be, it feels as though no politicians can be fully trusted anymore.

The people who we solely rely on to protect our freedoms can barely be honest with us? Shameful, in my opinion. Continue reading

scottsdale independent escort

Scottsdale Independent Escort

When I wrote my post about married men and prostitutes, I followed it up with a post about Scottsdale escorts, and put some thought into why the area has such a high amount of prostitution.

I of course made sure to include Phoenix escorts into the mix, as girl working as a Scottsdale escort is likely to be working as a Phoenix escort.  I even got some feedback from someone with a suggestion as to why it’s such a hub for prostitution.   Continue reading

Vietnam mail order brides

South Korean Men and Mail Order Brides

One of the benefits of being a consultant is the exposure to many different industries.  To be honest, I get lead feet if I’m forced to stay exclusive to an industry too long.  Nothing is more exciting the jumping down the rabbit hole of a new type of business.  This was eve true when we brought on a client in the mail order bride space. Continue reading

Scottsdale Escort

The Scottsdale Escort

Scottsdale, the resort-like part of Phoenix.  By resort-like, I mean it has a few golf courses and nice hotels, so the houses cost more.  But it’s still really just a desert with houses.  Scottsdale is known for something else as well, the Scottsdale Escort. Continue reading

Mob Rules by Louis Ferrante

Business Advice from the Mafia

For a few years, I was a Soprano’s junkie.  And who doesn’t love the Godfather, or Goodfellas?  Most fans can repeat lines from memory, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” or “Keep your friends close, but you’re enemies closer”.  And some of those lines are pretty good advice.  Well, someone put together a book of actual business lessons from the Mafia.  Check out, Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman by Louis Ferrante  Continue reading