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Cell Phones Save Trees

As I grew up I always heard adults talk about “going green,” “global warming,” and “saving the polar bears!” Though, I never actually saw a large effort to improve. “Going Green,” doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult, it’s quite simple in fact. Continue reading

The Social Network Movie Given the Green Light

There has been some speculation around the net recently on about the new movie that will start production next month called “The Social Network.” The movie, also called “The Facebook Movie”, is going to be a movie about the popular social networking site. West Wing writer, Aaron Sorkin, is writing the movie and has been quoted saying he doesn’t understand Facebook but intends to learn and has even created his very own Facebook account.

I cannot imagine a movie about a social networking website that would actually be good. Take a look at past movies of or surrounding websites: Pulse, Fear Dot Com and Untraceable. All of which have relatively similar plots: You visit a website and you die or someone completely unrelated to you dies in some horrific and crazy way but you want to watch and you just can’t help but watch it.

Apparently Sorkin has written the script based on the book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal. The film is also going to be directed by David Fincher who also did Fight Club and a number of other well-known Hollywood hits. Essentially the movie will not be about the website itself but more about the creation and founding of the website. So maybe this movie might not be a complete dud given the fact that the book is quite dramatic in itself.

Word is that Facebook, aka Mark Zuckerberg, is not pleased about the movie because of the book it is based on. The book paints a very bad image of Mark and may or may not be the entirely truthful about the situation.
There have been many rumors about who might be staring in The Social Network.  Some of the names that have been mentioned are: Shai LaBeouf, Michael Cera, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg.

The complete cast of the film and other details have not yet been released but with a budget of around 47 million the movie is gaining a lot of attention.


Using human fat to fuel cars

Dr. Craig Alan Bittner, a U.S. plastic surgeon, claims he was trying to do the right thing and help save the Earth when he used human fat to fuel his vehicle. The plastic surgeon recently lost his license and is being sued by his former patients. His website,, no longer exits and once claimed that he had created “lipodiesel” or “lipofeul” and that he had successfully fueled his Ford SUV and his girlfriend’s Lincoln Navigator with the human waste.

The former patients have claimed that Dr. Bittner took more fat from them than necessary, which I didn’t even know was possible in Los Angeles, let alone Rodeo Drive where the practice was located. They claim that this left them disfigured and deformed. The lawsuit isn’t that surprising with the declining state of the economy.

Dr. Bittner says his patients were informed of what he was doing with their liposuction fat and said most of them were happy to be involved. Some of his patients even requested it.

There are specific laws against powering any vehicle with human medical waste and it is currently illegal in the U.S. An odd law that was probably created to keep the deprived, broke and homicidal maniacs from killing the rest of us to get to and from work. I’m sure that law maker is feeling pretty haughty right now.

If the quack actually did create this alternative fuel like he claimed than I think that is pretty ingenious. We have plenty of fat to spare and an on-going oil crisis. I can already see the headlines “Donate your unused fat today! We create fat fuel.” However, the claims may have been clever advertising scams. We will soon find out.

Wal-Mart and Duke Energy Announce Wind Power Deal

Walmart has recently announced that it will be making a wind power deal with Duke Energy; Walmart intends to use wind power in 360 Texas store locations which will be provided by the Energy’s Notrees Wind Farm owned by Duke.  As early as April 2009, Duke will be supplying roughly 15 percent of each of the 360 Walmart Supercenters.  Many consumers are pleasantly surprised by the announcement that Walmart is now going green and super pleased with Walmart’s environmental protective efforts.

Volkswagen Jetta TDI is the Most Green Car of 2009

What’s the green car for 2009? The Volkswagen Jetta TDI; this super sleek car has plenty of power and offers consumers 30 mpg in the city, and 41 mpg on the highway.  The Volkswagen Jetta TDI is also outfitted with a combustion filter, gets more mileage than the Altima, Civic, and Malibu hybrids, and is priced at reasonable prices.  Via the Jetta, consumers get an extremely smooth ride too while they drive a super green vehicle.

Smithsonian Education Travel

While the name Smithsonian is synonymous with the world of art and museums in particular, the Smithsonian also plays a huge role in the travel business too.  Via Smithsonian Journeys, you can go on historically-themed vacation getaways.  The Smithsonian has changed the traditional vacation into a mind-enriching experience; vacationers can treat themselves to a weekend in the Grand Canyon, explore historic destinations along the world’s coastlines, and see some of the world’s hottest tourist destinations all while learning something new.

Should I use Aluminum Foil or Plastic Wrap for Left Overs?

Ever wonder which product is better for storing leftovers?  How does plastic wrap compare when directly contrasted to foil products?  Aluminum foil has been deemed the eco-friendliest leftover wrap.  While both products have some impact on the environment, the Aluminum foil products have the least damaging effects and the material is completely recyclable.  Plastic wrap can’t be recycled, and it only ends up mounding up in landfills.  To avoid the use of either, reusable storage products are yet another alternative.