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The Sugar Daddy Solution

In today’s economy, it’s hard to create a life for yourself based on a minimum wage job.

Although the minimum wage was created to ensure a better life for Americans, it’s not always the exemplary choice in some people’s views. A great deal of Americans struggle to make minimum wage and barely make ends meet. Continue reading


Cell Phones Save Trees

As I grew up I always heard adults talk about “going green,” “global warming,” and “saving the polar bears!” Though, I never actually saw a large effort to improve. “Going Green,” doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult, it’s quite simple in fact. Continue reading

Borders bankruptcy

Borders Books Collapses

Borders Books has created a plan to ask the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to liquidate their remaining 399 stores, as if the economy could use anymore businesses going under. Overall the company hasn’t had the greatest public view, and would probably be better off liquidating their remaining stores anyways. Continue reading

How to make sure your grandchildren get their inheritance

Mina Sirkin posted something interesting today about the legal issues of leaving a gift of money or inheritance to minors. Sirkin says it can raise a multitude of legal issues for the child. 

“If you are a mom, grandma, or know a mom or grandma who is leaving money or inheritance to a minor, there are many things to study when leaving such a gift to children or grandchildren,” Sirkin says. Continue reading