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Our Uneventful Halloween

We had a fairly uneventful Halloween this year. Since Michael is not 13, this may be the last year he gets out to trick or treat. The fact that he is already tipping 6′ makes him look a bit odd going to door-to-door. It kinda sucks that Ashland is not exactly the trick-or-treat capitol of the world. They have a big parade and party downtown, but not many active houses on our block giving away candy.

We are of course the exception. We were giving away the full size candy bars, but we are so tucked away that most people don’t even know there is a house here. We got one mid-size group of kids. I should have just unloaded the candy to them, but now I have it sitting around the house. Continue reading

Small Things I Do For The Environment

As part of Blog Action Day I decided to list the things I have been doing lately to be more environmentally friendly. Hopefully this will inspire others to make some changes in their lives.

After moving to Oregon I decided to try live healthier. Part of that was weight loss, and another part was reducing my footprint on the planet. Here are some changes I have made and why they’re important. Continue reading

A Big Change

I had a big change in my life this week. After nearly 6 years of long days I have left my position at USWeb. I decided that I need a change of pace, and that USWeb was not really the right fit for me going forward.

I will be moving forward with Blogitive, and will be incorporating it into my new company, NetResults. I have been working on some really exciting updates to Blogitive, so this is an exciting time on that end as well. This change will allow me to focus more on building out Blogitive into what I would like it to be, which is the best solution for bloggers to make money online. Continue reading