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Risks of Overweight Women Being Fired and Victimized in Crimes

Overweight women have more than just health risks to be concerned about.  In addition to increased risks for getting things like Diabetes, having a heart attack or stroke, and developing depression, more overweight women face the chance of being fired from work, becoming the victim of crimes, and overweight women also have more frequent financial issues than women who are not overweight.  The reason for such increased risks remain unclear, and statistics reveal that overweight women seem to have a lot more negatives in their lives in general.

Poppy Montgomery Weight Loss of 70 Pounds

After becoming pregnant Poppy Montgomery packed on 70 extra pounds.  She has since dropped the weight after realizing her overindulgences; Montgomery cut back her caloric intake to 1200 calories daily, signed on for meal deliveries, and implemented the P90x workout.  She is now super trim, toned, and looking better than ever after returning to her pre-pregnancy weight.  Montgomery has no regrets for gaining the weight but is, of course, super pleased to have dropped it too.

Kate Winslet Weight Loss Secrets

Kate Winslet has a fantastic body and she’s not at all afraid to show it; she will be appearing in The Reader with nude shots, and she isn’t at all hesitant about how she looks.  Kate keeps fit by sampling a little bit of everything and eating in complete moderation: she keeps far away from the pasta though because she asserts it aggravates her stomach.  With the use of hand weights and regular exercise Kate Winslet keeps perfectly fit and it shows.

Fergie of Black Eyed Peas Weight Loss

Fergie, a member of the Black Eyed Peas had packed on thirteen extra pounds to perform in the musical Nine, but now she’s talking about losing the extra weight for good.  Right before the holiday season, Fergie plans to commence to dieting and she has no worries that the holiday temptations will stop her from achieving her weight goal.  While she plans to indulge in a little Turkey this Thanksgiving, she’s going to compliment her food selections with a large salad.  She might even treat herself to a slice of pumpkin pie too.