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Game of Thrones author discusses HBO Show

George R. R. Martin sat down with Authors@Google recently to discuss his literary works and partnership with HBO. Martin’s popular fantasy novel and New York Times best-seller, A Game of Thrones, is the first book of the ongoing seven part “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. On April 17, 2011 HBO premiered a television adaptation of the novel and struck gold as millions of people flocked to each episode ending the series with extremely high ratings and a promising future viewership for the second season.

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre for Sale

Here’s a great gift idea for the Shakespeare lover in your life.  A life-sized replica of the Globe Theatre that was used in the new Vanessa Redgrave and Rhys Ifans film Anonymous.  The theatre was a gift from director Roland Emmerich to Chirstian Leonard, the artistic chief of the Shakespeare Company Berlin after 30 of their actors were gracious enough to appear in Emmerich’s film. Continue reading

Borders bankruptcy

Borders Books Collapses

Borders Books has created a plan to ask the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to liquidate their remaining 399 stores, as if the economy could use anymore businesses going under. Overall the company hasn’t had the greatest public view, and would probably be better off liquidating their remaining stores anyways. Continue reading

Blue Bloods 5: Misguided Angels by Melissa De La Cruz

I remember the day I discovered the Blue Bloods series. It was 2007 and I was walking through Barnes and Noble, probably looking for some unnecessary self help book when I stumbled upon a side display of Blue Bloods. The cover showed nothing but a neck of a young girl with two small bite marks on the side of her neck. Being a fan of vampire fiction, I never pass up a vampire novel.

I have been a reader of the series ever since. I would not call myself a fan but I read the series because I cannot stand not knowing how a story ends and also because there has been (before Twilight was the latest tween phenomenon) a lack of decent vampire fiction during previous years. Given the fact that Melissa De La Cruz, the author of the novels, is now making spin off series, I doubt this is a story that will end anytime soon.

The problem I have with this series is that it is not about vampires at all. The 5th Blue Bloods book is titled Misguided Angels and that accurately describes the content of what you are reading. The vampires in De La Cruz’s story are not vampires at all but angels, cast out of heaven after the downfall of Lucifer, trying to earn their way back into Heaven. Throughout the books we are occasionally reminded that they are vampires with about a teaspoon helping of biting/feeding here and there but other than that, they don’t exactly have any “vampire characteristics,” well, none that an angel wouldn’t already have. They aren’t immortal, which I always thought was the whole point to being a vampire, but semi-immortal and age just like normal humans until they die at the age of 100 only to be reincarnated over and over again.

Ultimately, you are reading a novel about the ongoing battle between Heaven and Hell, Lucifer and God, angels and demons. In addition to remembering who is who and what is what we are also introduced into every characters past lives as well as their angel names and memories which also ties into actual events in history. It can get rather exhausting.

Albeit, the story is well written and De La Cruz has done a good job at keeping the readers interest as well as developing each character thoroughly. She mixes just the right amount of action, suspense, drama and romance into just 400 pages. I rather enjoy the way chapters alternate narrators between our main heroin, her best friend and her worst enemy. By the end of the fourth novel I was no longer jeering the enemy, I was cheering for her because I could finally see where she was coming from and how it all looked through her eyes; she was in love and just trying to keep what was hers and had always been hers, ever since creation. I appreciate that about De La Cruz’s writing.

In the end, the story is highly enjoyable by all ages even though it is labeled as young adult; I am still reading it in my early twenties. The novels are quite popular amongst the Twilight-ers of the world and will gain even more popularity when the new spinoff is released which is about werewolves. Yes, werewolves. Although, in De La Cruz’s style, werewolves are not werewolves at all but hell hounds.

According to De La Cruzs twitter, the 5th book of the Blue Bloods series titled Misguided Angels will be likely be released sometime in the Fall of 2010. The sister book in which we learn more about Allegra Van Allen titled Keys to the Repository will be released in May of 2010. And the spinoff werewolf series titled Wolf Pack starring our good friend Bliss Llewellyn will be released sometime in 2011.

Plato versus Aristotle: Theory of Forms and Causes

Plato was a philosopher who had been a student of Socrates. He formed the first known “university” called the Academy. Plato’s most widely known work is The Republic and his most famous idea is the Theory of Forms1-3.  Plato in his Theory of Forms believed that while one’s present life (experience) was varying, realistic and definite, the ideal forms were static and real. The Forms were universal and constituted the real world. What we see are particulars (mimics of the real thing). Plato believed there was an enormous divide in our perception of reality a. To Plato, reality was the exact opposite of what we perceive our earth to be. In essence, Plato’s theory emphasized a Form of recognition rather than cognition.  One has to be aware that from Plato’s viewpoint, all Forms were hidden from view and that the Ultimate form was the Form of Good 4.

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Is Whole Grain better than Whole Wheat?

Whole grains seem to have better disease fighting properties when compared to whole wheat.  Grains like spelts, amaranth, and quinoa are not only delicious but offer immune system boosting properties too.  Thus, health food nuts are leaning toward more grains over wheat products these days.  Whole grain products like rice, pasta, and bread goods are just some of the tasty, wholesome delights being incorporated into healthy diets.  A variety of grains can be used as an alternative for recipes calling for wheat products as well.

Alicia Silverstone Writes The Kind Diet Vegan Cookbook

The famed actress Alicia Silverstone certainly isn’t clueless about vegetarian dieting and she is now authoring a book that clearly suggests her animal activist background.  The Kind Diet is a vegan cookbook that is set for release in 2009 in the fall and will present readers with a three step dieting program which concentrates on protecting the environment instead of concentrating on the subject of weight loss.  Silverstone will also concentrate on how certain foods affect people, their bodies, and their mood too.

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