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Apple Product Docking Station

JVC isn’t really a high-end brand like Samsung or Sony but they sure do make some innovative things. Take this Apple product docking station for example. It is a complete dock for all of your favorite Apple products including the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Continue reading

ipod touch remote control

The iPod Touch as the Ultimate Remote

As an Apple lover, it’s hard for me to come up with an Apple product I don’t have.  I’m typing this on my 27” iMac with both the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, right next to me is my iPhone 4, and my iPad 2.  In my desk drawer I have an iPod Nano for working out, and I have a 160 gig iPod Classic filled with all my music.  I’m listening to music being streamed from Sonos into my iPod HiFi.  My Apple TV allows me to listen to watch movies and listen to music on my home theatre, and of course everything is being streamed through the house using my Apple Airport Extreme, and I have an Airport Express sitting my briefcase, right next to my Macbook Air.  There are only two products missing the Mac Pro and the iPod Touch.  But that’s about the change. Continue reading

MTV Vj's

I Still Want My MTV

I can remember when I got cable television.  First off, I was finally able to stop screwing around with rabbit ear antennas that today look positively prehistoric.  Second, I finally got my MTV.

There is a lot of talk about MTV today, and for good reason.  MTV turned 30 years old today.  If that makes you feel old, you’re not alone.  If not, look at it this way; if Marty McFly jumped into a time-traveling DeLorean today and went back 30 years, he would not end up in a time where Coca-Cola came in bottles, all cars were made in Detroit, and dorks walked around with 3D glasses, he would land in a time where Ronald Reagan (yes, the movie actor) was President, Disco was dying, and he would witness a group called The Buggles kick off Viacom’s MTV with a weird “music video” declaring that Video Killed the Radio Star.   Continue reading

Not-So-Super Star Overdose

It seems all the buzz today is about Amy Winehouse; a British singer who died today at around 4pm. Winehouse was at the ripe age of 27. Although many are “so sad,” about the singers death, I stray away from that group of people. In my opinion Winehouse did not have the best vocals or talent at all. Continue reading

Sonos Play:3

Introducing the Sonos Play:3

I have been a big fan of Sonos for a couple years now.  In looking for the easiest way to get my music from my computer to my stereo, Sonos provided an elegant, cost effective solution.  The set up is super simple, and the sound quality is good, and the features are outstanding.  The only thing that made me hesitant in referring it to some people, was the price.  But now Sonos is lowering their prices a bit with their new product, the Sonos Play:3. Continue reading