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Obama's Faulty Plan for Jobs

Whenever elections draw near, I find myself contemplating the legitimacy of all of the candidates; Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. As sad as it may be, it feels as though no politicians can be fully trusted anymore.

The people who we solely rely on to protect our freedoms can barely be honest with us? Shameful, in my opinion. Continue reading


Cell Phones Save Trees

As I grew up I always heard adults talk about “going green,” “global warming,” and “saving the polar bears!” Though, I never actually saw a large effort to improve. “Going Green,” doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult, it’s quite simple in fact. Continue reading

Borders bankruptcy

Borders Books Collapses

Borders Books has created a plan to ask the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to liquidate their remaining 399 stores, as if the economy could use anymore businesses going under. Overall the company hasn’t had the greatest public view, and would probably be better off liquidating their remaining stores anyways. Continue reading

Victoria Beckham and her new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Victoria Beckham Gets Technical

As a women in a man’s world, it’s a refreshing change to see a woman’s point of view on design contribute to the auto industry. Victoria Beckham has recently gone from fashion designers to auto designer.  Introducing Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque. Continue reading

intuit Quickbook hates mac users

Intuit Hates Apple Users

As most people know, I’m a big Apple evangelist.  So I was excited when my friend Jim asked me to help him start switching over to Mac.  He had been having tons of problems with his Windows based machines, and he noted that everyone around him that seemed to know something about computers, seem to be switching to Mac.   Continue reading