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ipod touch remote control

The iPod Touch as the Ultimate Remote

As an Apple lover, it’s hard for me to come up with an Apple product I don’t have.  I’m typing this on my 27” iMac with both the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, right next to me is my iPhone 4, and my iPad 2.  In my desk drawer I have an iPod Nano for working out, and I have a 160 gig iPod Classic filled with all my music.  I’m listening to music being streamed from Sonos into my iPod HiFi.  My Apple TV allows me to listen to watch movies and listen to music on my home theatre, and of course everything is being streamed through the house using my Apple Airport Extreme, and I have an Airport Express sitting my briefcase, right next to my Macbook Air.  There are only two products missing the Mac Pro and the iPod Touch.  But that’s about the change. Continue reading

Not-So-Super Star Overdose

It seems all the buzz today is about Amy Winehouse; a British singer who died today at around 4pm. Winehouse was at the ripe age of 27. Although many are “so sad,” about the singers death, I stray away from that group of people. In my opinion Winehouse did not have the best vocals or talent at all. Continue reading

Witricity iPhone

WiTricity iPhone 5

I love my iPhone more than I love just about anything else.  My son, my iPhone, and my iPad represent the trinity of my affection.  And everyday they each get a little smarter.  Every year my good friend Steve Jobs releases an update for my iPhone, and in exchange I give him enough cash to buy a used Oldsmobile Achieva.  And if this rumor is true, I’m more excited than ever to hand over the cash.  I’m talking about a WiTricity powered iPhone 5, or is it iPhone 6? Continue reading

Screening Job Applicants with Biodata

One of the most difficult processes is for any company or organization to hire the appropriate people.  In today’s job market, with so many new technological requirements in the workplace, hiring has become more complicated than ever.  It costs companies a great deal of money to hire someone, train and integrate them into the company or organization.  

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